ISMPOCON 2022 Conference Proceedings

Women's Oncology Forum

ISMPO-ESMO Lung Symposium

ISMPO-ASCO Joint Symposium

ABC 6 Highlights

Oral Abstarct Presentations

Haemato-Lymphoid Session

The Aims and Objectives of ISMPO

  • To encourage scientific investigation in the study of cancer.
  • To promote and foster the exchange of knowledge relating to cancer and cancer related topics.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of oncological topics on a national scale.
  • To provide instruction and education to deserving members by awarding scholarships, donations, allowances, gratuities, guarantees and otherwise for their benefit.
  • To establish, conduct and control institutions for promoting and impart education, conduct research in medical & pediatric oncology medicine.
  • To award prizes, medals, other certificates or diploma of proficiency in the subject to persons found deserving after examination as may be prescribed from time to time.
  • To print, publish, distribute or sell books, pamphlets, notices, pictures, periodicals, newspapers and magazines or any other literature or any matter concerning or relating to oncology.
  • To establish and maintain libraries and reading rooms.
  • To make guidelines, prescribing standards of professional conduct of members of the Society.
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