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Message from Secretary


Dr. B.K. Smruti

Dear ISMPO Members,

I am pleased to extend my greetings to medical oncologists and other oncology colleagues on behalf of ISMPO. Although medical oncology is the youngest therapeutic speciality in oncology its members are among the foremost opinion makers and leaders all around the world.

This is, in no small measure, due to pioneering efforts of a number of individuals who have been gifted teachers, doctors and researchers. Furthering the vision of these stalwarts, it is the avowed goal of ISMPO to foster excellence in healthcare delivery and education.

It is of paramount importance for medical oncologists in practice and training to coalesce - the prestige and influence of our speciality will be considerably enhanced and be a powerful stimulus in realization of our shared vision.

I invite you to join ISMPO today and contribute to our Journal.

Please communicate with us and help build a lively and dynamic organization.

Best regards,

Dr. B.K. Smruti

Honorary Secretary, ISMPO