Message from President


"ISMPO is the apex body in our country which tries to bring in all the qualified medical and paediatric oncologists together on a single platform. It is essential for all of us that we come together because it is the strength we can show and achieve whatever we want. Way back in 1990 when I started my career, we were just about 100 across the country and we knew each other personally. Today almost the same number gets added on each year, therefore it is even more relevant today that you all stay together and become a member of this society. It is for us to shape the future of this society. The advances in our field are occurring at a rapid pace that we are not able to keep abreast with it. So, ISMPO will strive through its educational initiatives to bring the latest of this knowledge to all the members in a relevant way".

Dr. Govind Babu

ISMPO President